Anal Glands... again!

Well, it's been a little over a month since the big anal gland fun around here. I was hoping that by learning how to express Daisy's anal glands manually, things would have gotten easier with that whole topic. Well, just today I expressed Daisy's anal glands for the 3rd time in 5 weeks. Some say that you should only have to express anal glands about every 3-5 weeks or so. 3 times in the last 5 weeks seems like a lot to me. 

I talked to some of my friends at Beagle World and Beagles Rule! about my anal gland problem. As always, I received a lot of good suggestions on what to try to help Daisy's anal glands express on their own. One thing to try was adding a small amount of Metamucil to Daisy's food, and that will bulk up her poop, adding more pressure on the glands, expressing them. Someone had suggested this was a bad idea, but someone else said their vet told them to do it. Who knows? Everyone on those 2 sites told me I should definitely see a vet before I try anything that might harm Daisy's health. I'll me making a trip to the vet for Daisy's yearly checkup next month, so I am going to talk to my vet and see what he says. 

Like I said, tonight I expressed Daisy's anal glands again and "stuff" or "stink juice" squirted out like it normally does. Afterwards, I could tell Daisy felt better and wasn't trying to lick her own bum, like she normally does when her glands fill up. So, I'm glad I can add some relief until we see the vet. I will definitely add another journal entry when I find out what the vet says. I am pretty sure everything will be fine. 

Geez, and I thought this anal gland Beagle thing was going to be a snap... or squeeze in this case. copyright All Rights Reserved