Where did August go?

 Wow! Can you believe that August is already over? It went by SO fast! A lot has happened in the life of Daisy since she got stung by that bee in late July, LOL. If you didn't see the pictures, you've got to see them! Go to the Daisy Hates Bees journal entry and check them out.

Daisy is over 7 months old now and she is growing up so fast. Lately her and I have been walking a lot. We are preparing for next months Wiggle Waggle Walk. Her and I will be walking either 2 or 3 miles, so we want to be prepared. Also, since there will probably be about 300 other dogs there, I am trying to get Daisy familiar with other people and other dogs as well. I don't want her to be in complete shock when we show up the day of the event and her be overwhelmed by the large amount of dogs. Daisy is pretty submissive when it comes to meeting new dogs. She rolls over on her back and lets them sniff her belly, as well as her... well....you know. The places dogs like to sniff (gross). Anyways, I am trying to get daisy familiar with other dogs, so she isn't so submissive. Daisy being a beagle doesn't help. I've learned in the last 5 months that beagles are very friendly dogs. Not only with people, but with other dogs and cats as well. So we'll be working on that this whole month.

As for an update on Daisy and her behaviors and other puppy related things, she is growing up. I mean, she's still a puppy and all, but she almost has an adult personality now. She plays ALL the time still, but she understands me more. Now is the time I should be getting her enrolled in obedience school. She can understand almost all of my commands, like, "Down!" and "No!" and "Let's Go Potty!".

Okay, that last command is the coolest. Check this out... Daisy can pretty much go to the bathroom on command. When I'm home, she is inside about 80% of the time. So when I feel she's been inside a while, and needs to poop or pee, I simply say, "Daisy, c'mon! Let's go potty!". Her and I walk outside and she grabs a toy and heads for the grass. Once we are on the grass I say one more time, "C'mon, go potty." Then she drops her toy and begins sniffing around. About 10 seconds later, down she goes to "relieve" herself. When she's done, I say "Good go potty!", pat her on the back and say "C'mon, let's go inside." Then she grabs her toy again and heads for the back door, so I can let her in. It's almost too perfect.

So I guess that potty training stuff worked out pretty well. For those of you that are potty training, stick with it. It works, I am proof! Ha ha!

Also in August, I signed up Daisy and I to participate in this years Wiggle Waggle Walk to support the Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA here in Pasadena, CA. I actually just received the paper work for that in the mail today. I am looking forward to it. I'm hoping it will be a lot of fun for both Daisy and I. I also decided to try and get people to sponsor Daisy and I, so we'd be able to give another donation on the day of the event. It turns out that there are very generous people that visit my website, because I have gotten a few sponsors in the last couple weeks. Pet websites and even individuals have been generous enough to sponsor Daisy and I. I am so thankful for those who have taken the time out of their lives to help a humane society outside of their general area. Be sure to visit the websites of those that are sponsoring Daisy and I. You can find their websites on the main page of this website.  Again, a special thank you goes out to them!

September is here and I am thinking this will be a big month for myprincessdaisy.com. Either way, I am going to be working on new pictures and content for the website. Don't worry, I have been taking pictures of Daisy like crazy! I'll try and get those out for everyone to see soon! I just finished working on another website for someone, so I'll have more time for updates this month. For those of you that send me e-mails and show an interest in my website, you are the ones that keep me motivated! Thanks you guys!


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