Daisy's First Christmas

 Ho Ho Ho! Daisy's first Christmas was pretty cool. I think she had a lot of fun. 8:30am and all the family was there in the living room ready to open their presents. They all started. While they did their thing I was more interested in giving Daisy her stocking. We bought her 2 new Kong toys (the bounzer and treat ship) and a Garfield and Odie newspaper squeak toy. I am a big fan of Garfield so that toy is awesome. I handed Daisy her first present, still wrapped. I told her it was a ball and she immediately took it into her mouth and laid down and starting chewing it up. After she put a hole in the wrapping, she started tearing into the present, as if she was opening it. It was too funny. She eventually got the wrapping off and realized it was a Kong toy and picked it up and started walking around with it, even with the cardboard still attached to the toy. Daisy also got a few more gifts from my mom, sister and my aunts. They got her some treats and more toys.

After Daisy opened all her presents, I went to the other room with Daisy to get her prepared to carry out her gift to my mom. When Daisy was younger, she chewed up my mom's favorite slippers. So, I bought new slippers for my mom, from Daisy. After the slippers were wrapped, I got Daisy to carry them out to the living room, where she could give them to my mom. Daisy is so cute, I swear! My mom and everyone watched and laughed while I was trying to point Daisy in the right direction to where my mom was sitting. She eventually made it to my mom and let her remove the wrapped slippers from her mouth. The slippers' wrapping was all wet with slobber by this time. I really wish I took pictures of that. Things were so hectic that I didn't get a chance to take very many pictures. I did get a movie clip and a few pictures though. I'll be more prepared next year for sure.

My only regret about Christmas this year is that I didn't get a chance to spend any time with Brandy, my 16 year old dog. She is pretty old and she has arthritis. She can still walk, but her legs are weak. I hate being so pessimistic, but I have a feeling that was Brandy's last Christmas with us. It was raining outside on Christmas Day, and we put Brandy in this screen room that we have in our back yard so she wouldn't get wet. Lil' Dude was in there with her. Since it was raining I didn't go outside very much at all and I didn't get a chance to sit down with Brandy, like I normally do on Christmas. It's kind of sad, but I try not to think about. The last couple of years, I have thought that Brandy had her last Christmas with us, but she is still here. Either way, Brandy has had a good long life. I look back at all the memories of Brandy chasing cats and chasing her ball. Now, I watch her laying down 80% of the time. When she is walking, she shows she still wants to run and play with Daisy and I think that's what counts at this point. She isn't in too much pain, except for the arthritis of course. Her spirits are still high and she still shows her youth occasionally. 

2003 was a good year filled with good things and people! I learned a lot about owning my first Beagle. Can you believe that Princess Daisy is almost 1 year old?? Where has the time gone?


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