The Easter Beagle

This Easter was a lot of fun, compared to last Easter which was fun, but not as fun as this year. Every year I go to my aunts house where we celebrate the holiday, which includes a ton of awesome food, amazing cookies with the best frosting, and the annual Easter egg hunt... which I haven't won in about 10 years, but that's beside the point. What made this year so fun was DAISY, of course. Even though this was Daisy's 2nd Easter, it was the 1st time she has attended the celebration. Last year I left her home. I know, I know... "Why did you leave her home?", I'm sure you're thinking. Well, at the time she was almost 3 months old and she was still tiny. Misty, the black Labrador she plays with, lives at the house where we have Easter.

 I wasn't sure whether or not Misty would approve of Daisy in her territory, so I didn't bring Daisy with me. This year was different though! This past year Daisy and Misty have gotten to know each other because I started taking Daisy over to Misty's to play right around 5 months of age. I wanted to make sure Daisy would be familiar with others dogs, rather than Brandy, which she lives with and sees every day. 

Anyways, this year, Daisy had a great time playing with Misty on Easter! Daisy also loved the attention from all of my family. She couldn't have been in a happier place. She was strutting around with a tennis ball in her mouth, looking like she's Miss Cool. It was so funny. During the annual Easter egg hunt, Daisy was kind of "weirded" out, I think. She sees about 15 people all running around a yard, digging around in bushes and looking in trees... for something. I had to take a second away from my search to pay attention to Daisy. She was so overwhelmed  with what was happening around her, she was just standing there watching everyone. I walked over to her and said, "What's up, Easter Beagle"? She wagged her tail as if to say, "What the heck is going on?". I hung out with her for about a minute, until I saw someone searching a bush for an egg, and the egg was under the bush. Only from the distance I was at, could the egg be so visible! I ran over, hip checked the person searching the bush, and snatched the egg. Hey, I saw it first, right?

Towards the end of Daisy's long afternoon, I noticed that Daisy was growing tired. She would occasionally lay down on her side, as if she wanted to do to sleep. Around 9pm I decided I had enough cookies and candy, so it was time to take Daisy home. When I got home, she smelled so bad! I guess Misty kind of smelled, and the smell rubbed off on Daisy. So, I gave Daisy a bath after I got home. She smelled so good and felt so soft afterwards! After that, it was off to my bed for Daisy. She hopped up onto my bed and she was OUT! I stayed awake for a couple more hours that night, but Daisy was out cold sleeping and hadn't moved or changed positions for a long time. Poor puppy was so tired from such an eventful day. She slept the entire night and didn't wake up until 7am, breakfast time.

Easter was a lot of fun this year. My only regret was not taking any pictures at my aunts house. I did take a picture of Daisy with some Easter baskets on Sunday morning though.

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