This website tells the story of how Daisy, my beagle pup, has changed my life. From the moment I brought my new beagle puppy home, I knew my life was going to change dramatically. So many things had already happened in that first week. I decided that I should be writing everything down for the memories. I figured the best way to keep track of all the pictures and memories would be to create this website.

Then I thought, “What about other people that might want a Beagle and wonder if they’re the right breed of dog for them?” Like most people, I did some research before deciding to get a beagle. Every reading I came across on the internet said basically the same thing. They all had general information about beagles, but not very many personal experiences. I still had so many questions. There had to be a better way to get the questions answered. To make it easy for others, I decided to make my life with Daisy public. Now everyone can see what life with a beagle is really like. That is what is all about… my life with Daisy.