Daisy HATES Bees ... so do I

A couple weeks ago I was just hanging out, playing with Daisy's ears. I love the way they feel. They are almost like velvet. When I was playing with her, I noticed there was a balloon type swelling on her right ear. I flipped over her ear and I notice a little bee stinger in Daisy's ear. Great, she got stung by a bee. So I pull the stinger out and called the vet, just in case there's something I needed to know about bee stings. The vet said not to worry, just keep an eye out for hives or a change in Daisy's personality. Also, look for loss of appetite, vomiting, and all that kind of stuff. Basically, if she seems weird, then bring her in. Of course, Daisy is a tough dog. The swelling in her ear eventually goes away by the next day and everything is back to normal.

Now, lets jump to the present. Tonight, I'm sitting in my room. I'm on the internet reading about Kobe Bryant and that whole mess he's involved in and all of a sudden I hear Daisy outside. It was that "girgley" sound that she makes when she's going to puke, so I got up to see if she was okay. By the time I looked outside, she was standing in the driveway, head down, and she's letting it all out! Of course, it's a huge ball of grass that she just threw up. Daisy eats grass. It's a bad habit she picked up from Brandy and I could never get her to stop. Anyways, Daisy looked up at me as I walked outside. I went over  to her and gave her a pat on the head, seeing if she was okay. She walked away from me and threw up some more. And then again. I figured she was just throwing up all the garbage (grass, dirt, etc.) she's been eating.

After she finished throwing up, I noticed something weird about her mouth. I took a closer look and her left upper lip was all swollen. Great, she got stung by a bee, AGAIN!

Let's stop for a second... Let me just add that Daisy likes to chase any type of flying bugs. Moths, flies, mosquito hawks, BEES, etc. Unfortunately, Daisy isn't smart when it comes to choosing the kinds of  flying insects to chase. 

So anyways, I put 2 and 2 together and I figured Daisy threw up because of the bee sting. I was pretty sure it made her sick.  I took her inside where there's better lighting, I flipped her over, and began my search for the stinger. I found the stinger right on the lip where it was swollen. I tried to grab it with my finger nails, but it was really in there this time. I grabbed some tweezers and pulled the stinger out. I think. I lost it as I was pulling it out with the tweezers. I couldn't see it on her lip anymore, so I'm pretty sure I got it. Now I had to find it in my brown carpet. No chance there, so I just vacuumed. The swelling hasn't quite gone down yet. I think I'll check again in the morning. 

The weird thing is that Brandy threw up about 10 minutes after I took out Daisy's bee stinger. So that threw me off as to why Daisy threw up. Maybe it wasn't because of the bee sting. I'm figuring they just ate the same grass together. They tend to have grass eating sessions together. So, after all this madness I got to spend the next 10 minutes hosing down the driveway. 

Oh what fun it is to own a beagle puppy!

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