Happy 1st Birthday, Daisy!

 It was January 15, 2003, 2:00pm and Princess Dot (Daisy's mom) went into labor to have her first litter of 8 puppies. One after another, over a period of 4 hours, puppy after puppy continued to come out into their new world. Seven puppies had been born, until 6:00pm, one more was on it's way. The largest of her litter, Princess Daisy was the last to be whelped around 6:00pm. 

It's hard to believe that Daisy is no longer a puppy. Well, to me, she still is. It seems just like yesterday I was on the phone with the breeder. He was telling me all about his first litter he breed just 6 weeks before. Two nights later, I visited the litter and chose Daisy to be mine. Now, she's 1 year old. Her first year was filled with all kinds of new things. She was introduced to several other pets, known as her Friends, and went out of state with me a couple times on vacation. She learned to swim in a friends pool, and she learned lots of different tricks to show off to people. It's funny how much a dog can learn in their first year of life, compared to a human. What's nice is that Daisy and I are past the hardest parts of puppy hood. No more potty in the house, no more out of control puppy, and best of all, no more having to worry about her being a puppy. I mean, when you have a puppy there's so many questions you have and so many things that happen that an owner worries about. Once your Beagle is a year old, you pretty much did the hard parts already and set up the personality of your dog. The first year is when all the corrections have to be made, to make things easier for you and your puppy in the long run. All the problems you may have had with your puppy start to go away around a year old. 

I feel that now that Daisy is older, she is the faithful companion I first wanted going into the whole idea of getting a Beagle. I sometimes watch her sleep and think to my self, what would have happened if I chose a different puppy that first night. It's kind of weird to think about, but I know I made the right choice, choosing the puppy that licked my face to death. She was so cute as a puppy, it kills me looking at old pictures of her. I can't believe how small she was. Now, I look into the future and I see a fun filled one. I can't wait til summer. That is the time when I get to take Daisy with me on vacation. She loves going to new places. Her nose gets an extra workout. People have asked me, "What's next for Daisy?", and I can only reply, "I have no idea. We'll see." I am hoping to go to the Southern California 2004 Beagle Fest. So we are going to try and do that this year. 

For her birthday,  when I get off work, I am going to visit Three Dog Bakery and pick up a cake for Daisy. I've never gotten one and I'm looking forward to seeing what those cakes look like. I'm sure Daisy will love it. She loves ALL foods. Afterwards, I am thinking to walk her over to Misty's house and let Daisy play with her for about an hour. THEN, I am thinking I'll stop by PetsMart and pick up another KONG toy for her. I think we only need one more to have the whole collection of KONG toys. It should be fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAISY!


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