Princess Daisy's Bio

Name: Princess Daisy

Born: 01/15/2003

Breed: Beagle

Colors: Black, Tan & White
Tick Markings


33 lbs. - 05/14/2005

32.5 lbs. - 11/24/2003

27 lbs. - 09/04/2003

23 lbs. - 06/19/2003

 12 lbs. 13oz. - 04/09/2003

10 lbs. 2.5oz. - 03/26/2003

7.7 lbs. - 3/12/2003

Likes: Playing fetch, then Sleeping. Chasing the cats. Chewing her toys or anything else she can get her mouth on. Eating her treats. Baths. Going on walks. Any person, dog or cat. Her crate. Watching herself on TV. Riding in the car.

Dislikes: Skateboards. Waking up in the morning. Having her teeth brushed. Being held for a long time.

Facts: Daisy is 1 of 8 pups in her litter!
(5 Females, 3 males)

Daisy learned her first trick, "shake" when she was 11 weeks old!

Daisy can perform 10 tricks and commands: Sit, Down, Shake/Paw, Bang! (playing dead), Roll Over, Up, Stay, Circle (standing on hind legs and turn in a circle), Speak, and Touch (where she touches an object to receive her reward). copyright All Rights Reserved