My Nightly Heart Attack 

Okay, so I'm sitting here tonight, just like I do almost every night, checking my e-mail, reading the news online and all that other fun stuff you can do while on the internet. It's quiet in the room, and I mean quiet. So quiet that it's almost loud (You know what mean).  Daisy is asleep in her corner of the room, which is pretty much at my feet. She's been asleep for about 2 hours now. I'm in the middle of reading an article about this new crazy computer virus/worm that I saw on the front page of Yahoo tonight. I'm about half way through the article, reading quietly for about 5 good minutes now. All of a sudden... "AARRROOOOOO!!!!"..... out of NO WHERE!!!! 

Daisy goes from a 2 hr. sleep to ... Attack Of the Killer Beagle! I am assuming she was having a dream about something, or some other animal running across the fence. She does this pretty often and almost gives me a heart attack every time. After the initial "AARROOO!!" she pops up from her bed and walks to the middle of the room and looks out the door that leads to outside. As she's looking outside she starts barking and hesitantly creeps towards the door, as if something is out there about to pop out at her. So, either she heard something outside, or she had a dream that something was going on outside. I'm no expert, but I am assuming it was a dream. 

She does this pretty often and I'm not sure if I like it or not. I mean, the first few times it was funny, but now it scares me. Especially when it's super quiet then all of a sudden she freaks out over nothing. Just before this had happened I was admiring how cute Daisy looked tonight sleeping. Normally, when Daisy sleeps, she either snores or she will have those dreams where she's running. Ya know, the dreams where your dog will be out cold, but all of a sudden you look down at him and his legs are kicking around, like he's running. Now THAT is funny stuff! I get a kick out of that every time. It's just kinda gross when Daisy's sleeping and her eyes are rolled back into her head and she's showing  me her "devil eyes", as I like to call them. She's gotta knock that off too! Either way, she's still my little "boo-boo dog". That's her nick name for when she's doing something cute. copyright All Rights Reserved