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File Name

File Size

Date Added
Ms. K is playing around when Daisy comes and chases her away! DaisyMsK.wmv 1MB 09/03/05
A walkers view of Daisy at the Wiggle Waggle Walk '04. DaisyWWW04.wmv 1MB 10/18/04
An agility demonstration at the Wiggle Waggle Walk '04. Agility04.wmv 1MB 10/18/04
Daisy gets a face full of water getting her ball from the sprinkler. DaisyWetBall.wmv 979k 07/17/04
Daisy drinks H2O out of a bottle. Darn cute! DaisyDrinks.wmv 971k 07/17/04
Daisy fetches her ball out of her new swimming pool. DaisyPool.wmv 1.0MB 05/03/2004
Daisy and Baylee (Daisy's Sister) hop around and play! DaisyBaylee.wmv 1.0MB 04/19/2004
Daisy, Dot and Buddy chase a tennis ball. Part 2. DaisyMomDadChase2.wmv 1.0MB 04/19/2004
Daisy, Dot and Buddy chase a tennis ball. Part 1. DaisyMomDadChase.wmv 1.0MB 04/19/2004
Daisy insists on taking the Frisbee away from me.  TugOFrisbee.wmv 1.0 MB 04/07/2004
Daisy chases the mouse arrow on my computer monitor. Funny. DaisyMouse.wmv 1.0 MB 03/12/2004
Daisy opening her B-Day present 1/15/04! Cute! DaisyBDay.wmv 1.0 MB 03/12/2004
Daisy begs me for attention as I just sit there recording her. Too cute! AttentionDaisy.wmv 1.0 MB 03/06/2004
Daisy watches Birds on her new Dog Sitter DVD. DaisyDogSitter2.wmv 1.0 MB 03/06/2004
Daisy watches Ducks on her new Dog Sitter DVD. DaisyDogSitter1.wmv 1.0 MB 03/06/2004
A really funny 30 sec. clip of Daisy and Yogi fighting! Must see! DaisyYogiFight.wmv 1.0 MB 02/14/2004
A quick clip of Daisy trying to open her Xmas present, then walking away with it. DaisyXmas2003.wmv 1.0 MB 12/29/2003
CUTE! Daisy and Roxy playing in the yard! Well worth downloading.
Be patient.
DaisyRoxy.wmv 3.0 MB - 2 Minute Clip! 12/29/2003
Daisy fetches her ball at a dog park in Arizona. DaisyAZ.wmv 1.0 MB 12/29/2003
Daisy in action, walking the Wiggle Waggle Walk. DaisyWalk.wmv 1.0 MB - 18 sec. clip 10/11/2003
Pasadena K9 unit demonstration. Very cool! K9attack.wmv 2.0 MB - 30 sec. clip 10/11/2003
A sea of people and dogs before the Wiggle Waggle Walk. WiggleWaggle.wmv 1.0 MB - 21 sec. clip 10/11/2003
Daisy watches Animal Planet on TV. DaisyAnimalPlanet.wmv 1.0 MB 09/12/2003
Daisy's first time playing with a Basketball. Daisyball.wmv 1.0 MB 08/11/2003
I just thought this video of Daisy and Brandy was funny. Check it out. Funny.wmv 1.0 MB 08/11/2003
Daisy chomps on her BBQ beef rib on her 6 month birthday. DaisyBirthdayBone.wmv 1.0 MB 07/15/2003
While camping, Daisy lets me know she wants something. DaisyBarking.wmv 1.0 MB 07/15/2003
Daisy goes crazy after her bath. DaisyAfterBath.wmv 1.0 MB 07/01/2003
Daisy (2 months old) chases Brandy - Part 1 DaisyBrandy1.wmv 1.0 MB 07/01/2003
Daisy (2 months old) chases Brandy - Part 2 DaisyBrandy2.wmv 1.0 MB 07/01/2003

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