2 Months o'Pukin' 

Okay, so it all started about 2 months ago, I'd say. One night Daisy woke up around 5:30am... actually I woke up to the sound of a deep gulping, girgling sound. Yes, the sound was that of Daisy about to throw up... ON MY BED! So I jumped up, grabbed Daisy and rushed her outside to where she proceeded to throw up a really gross, foamy stomach bile of some type. I left her outside a bit, then brought her back inside and then her and I went back to sleep. I didn't think much of it. Dogs can eat a lot of garbage, especially beagles, so I figure she ate too much garbage that night. Garbage meaning grass, mud, bugs, leafs, etc. The weird thing was, is that the "throw up" was just a foamy, mucus like bile. No grass, or anything else. A few days later, the same thing, around 4:30am this time. I rushed her outside just in time so she could throw up. Again, I didn't think much of it.

This type of situation became one of Daisy's weekly routines. Usually about once a week, in the early AM hours this would happen. I still wasn't thinking much of it because Daisy is always eating things she shouldn't be. I figured her body would reject the bad stuff by just throwing up. Makes sense, right? Well, one weekend this happened. I remember it was early on a Friday morning, and I woke to the sounds of Daisy about to throw up. So, I took her outside and she threw up, again. Same stuff. Again the next night, around the same time. THEN, the same day, which was Saturday right after she ate her dinner. Okay, this was the grossest one. Daisy was in the hall way, just hanging out, doing her thing. Then I hear her from the living room doing her throw up preparation sounds. I jumped off the recliner, faster than I ever have, and grabbed her and said, "OUTSIDE! OUTSIDE!". Well, Daisy only had one thing on her mind rather than outside. It was throwing up. So after I grabbed her, I just kind of guided her into the kitchen, hoping she'd just run outside on her own. WRONG! She entered the kitchen and instead of walking toward the back door that leads to outside, she walks away from the door. So, I picked her up and turned her around, as she let out ALL her dinner. So picture this... rainbow shaped throw up all over the kitchen! Yes, very gross to imagine, but was reality for me. After that, I figured it was time to see the vet to find out what's going on here.

I took her to the vet the next Monday afternoon. I told the vet pretty much everything I told you. He said right away, "It sounds like Acid Reflux". So he prescribed Daisy with Metoclopramide. Hoping that would help, I had to give Daisy a 10mg pill 30 minutes before every meal. He said he wanted to see Daisy in 15-20 days to see if her throwing up has reduced or not. The first 7 days went by and Daisy didn't throw up. On the 8th day, she threw up. Same time as usual. A few days went by and she threw up, again. 20 days later, I took Daisy back to the vet for her check up. I told the vet she threw up about 3 times in the almost 3 week period. So, he said that it would be a good idea to get Daisy an Upper G.I. Endoscopy. He said that they will stick a camera down Daisy's esophagus, then into her stomach and small intestine to see if there are any sores or any irregularities inside her. Well, I am assuming this is pricey and haven't had a chance to set up an appointment for this, unfortunately. The vet also said that if everything is normal when they put the camera inside Daisy, then he wants to do a dog food allergy test, to see if there might be a certain ingredient in Daisy's food that she might be allergic to. Why not do the allergy test first? I did change Daisy's food about 2 months ago also, BUT Daisy is mostly throwing up the foamy stomach acids. So why would it be the food? Who knows...

It has been about a week and a half since I saw the vet for Daisy's checkup and Daisy threw up a couple days after Thanksgiving, but this time it was a couple hours after I gave her one of her Puppy bones. The throw up was brown and had pieces of her puppy bone in it. Then again a couple days later, twice in one day, this time just about an hour after I gave her, her puppy bones. So then the gears started turning. I began to think, what if Daisy is allergic to these puppy bones I've been giving her. All the times she's thrown up in the middle of the night, I had given her a puppy bone around midnight, 1am, sometimes 2 am... THEN she would throw up around 5am, 6am, sometimes 7am. By that time, the bone would be digested, BUT her body would have an allergic reaction and she would throw up whatever is in her stomach at the time, just foamy stomach acids. So now, I have quit giving her the puppy bones the last 4 or 5 days, and she hasn't thrown up once since. Could this be the problem? I'm hoping so, because I don't have the $$ right now to get that Upper G.I. Endoscopy thing. I now give Daisy sensitive stomach bones. So far she hasn't thrown those up. There must be a certain ingredient that's in the puppy bones, that's making her throw up. 

This is my theory, and until she throws up again, I'm sticking to it. I will definitely let you know what happens with this mystery. I'm dying to find out myself. Keep an eye out for PART 2 of this story coming soon. Oh!... and to this day Daisy hasn't thrown up on my bed (Knock on wood.).


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