Social Daisy

Beagles are social dogs. Their curiosity keeps them interested in everything, especially other dogs. Because of this natural instinct, beagles love being around and associating with other dogs. Taking your dog to a dog park is a good way for your beagle to meet and play with other dogs. Taking your beagle when he is a puppy is the best time to introduce him to the world of other dogs. Daisy was introduced to her best buddy, Brandy, right away. She's grown up with Brandy all her life and I feel this was a good way to ensure Daisy would always be a social beagle. Beagles get along with other dogs easily.

The best way to introduce your beagle to other dogs is to make sure both your dog and the other dog are on leashes. Let them sniff each other. This is normal. Don't be grossed out by it. If after a few minutes of letting them sniff each other they seem to be okay with each others presence, then you can think about letting them of their leashes to play, that is, if you are in an enclosed yard of course. 

When Brandy and Daisy met for the first time, Brandy was immediately interested that there was another dog in her territory, or yard. Brandy went up to Daisy, and since Daisy was a puppy, she easily submitted to Brandy (rolled over on her back). Brandy sniffed all over her and after a few minutes Brandy was okay with having another dog around. Then, of course, Daisy was ready to play. Brandy on the other hand, was not. Remember, Brandy is 16 years old. Her favorite thing to do is sleep. Occasionally, Brandy will muster up enough energy to play with Daisy. This isn't too often.

Next, Daisy was introduced to her other friends, Shroomy & Lil' Dude. Since they are cats, I wasn't too sure what would happen when they met Daisy. Again, in this case I would suggest keeping your puppy on a leash when introducing him to cats. Cats are so unpredictable. They could very easily swipe your puppy on the nose. That would not be good. Lucky for me Daisy gets along really well with Lil' Dude. They usually lay outside together. Daisy's favorite thing to do is chase Lil' Dude. Luckily, Lil' Dude doesn't seem to mind Daisy too much. Shroomy on the other hand, keeps Daisy in line. Daisy knows not to mess with Shroomy. Shroomy is 15 years old and doesn't take guff from anyone, especially Daisy. On occasion, Shroomy will even chase Daisy and try to swipe her if Daisy gets too close. Daisy tries to play with Shroomy, but Shroomy doesn't want to play. I'll have to admit, it's pretty funny seeing a cat chase a dog. It happens pretty often around here. Overall, they get along with each other. 

On really hot days, I can catch Shroomy, Lil' Dude, Brandy and Daisy all laying together. It's a rare site. I have to make sure to have my camera ready next time this happens. It's so good to know that beagles get along so well with other animals. 

When introducing your beagle to people, especially younger children, I would recommend having him on a leash. Beagles tend to jump up on people when first introduced to them. This can be problem when they get older if not corrected when they are still a puppy. To this day, Daisy still jumps up on me when I get home everyday. I try and correct her by telling her to sit. She knows how to sit. I think when she is that excited, something takes over her brain, because she just won't listen. I read somewhere that the best thing to do in this case is to make sure to have some treats on you when you get home. This way, rather than jumping on you, you can give the command to sit and most likely since you have treats to offer, your beagle will sit. I should be practicing this everyday. In fact, I just might have to start soon. Over time, your beagle will associate you getting home, means treat time! If this works, hopefully your beagle will know that when meeting someone else, it could also mean treat time. Give it a try. Let me know if it works! copyright All Rights Reserved